To the Families of Post 534,
By now everyone in Post 534, and probably the entire State of Wisconsin, should be aware of orders from Gov, Evers and Public Health of Madison and Dane County (PHMDC). As a result Post 534 is now closed and all future activities have been canceled until further notice. There are literally no events on the calendar. After calling the Post Officers yesterday, everyone I talked to agreed to postponing distribution of April 2020 Post Notes.
However, things are happening. On a positive note, Adjutant Mike Meitze today facilitated the mailing out of 500+ Communications Project survey letters. One to every Legion, Auxiliary, and Sons member! Each letter contains an introduction and explanation letter of the Program, and a survey questionnaire with a postage-paid return envelope.
Although today may seem like the worst of times, getting this survey out now is, ironic in ways, good for Post 534. First, everyone in America is focused on their family, their jobs, and their lives. There is no normal now, and probably what we think about "normal" will certainly change in the future. But right now my guess is that our members, with more time at home as we wait out this pandemic, will be interested in the arrival of the Post 534 letter, and take the time to return it. Second, our member's response to this survey will result in our ability to move ahead to the point where we can ultimately provide members with news, up to date information, announcements, calendars, timely changes, etc. Today instead of canceling the Post Notes, we should be sending out timely communications! Lastly, Finance Officer Russ Reppen reports we will see an enormous annual savings for the Post in the neighborhood of $9,000.00! Imagine what we could do with that. In fact, Russ is leading another program that could create an annual savings of around $8,000.00! More on this will be forthcoming.
In closing-
Till we meet again, let us remember that our obligation to our Country can be fulfilled only by the faithful performance of all Duties of Citizenship. Let service to the Community, State, and Nation, be ever the main objective of the American Legion and its Members. Let us be ever watchful of the Honor of our Country, our Organization, and Ourselves, that nothing shall swerve us from the path of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy.
The American Legion Meeting closing recital.
Everyone - Please take care of your family,
Tom Downs, Post Commander


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