May 2014

Hello S.A.L. Members, I would like to thank everyone that participated in our S.A.L. Chili Cook Off – whether you donated chili/soup or worked in any way, especially my fellow S.A.L. members, Dick, Mark, Rick, Dave, Ed, Dan, Randy and Ron. We also had a group of non members that donated chili, baked cornbread and helped clean up. Thanks to my daughter, Kim, for helping and bringing her friends along! A special thanks to Matt Hart ...Read More

April 2014

Hello S.A.L. Members, April is almost here, the Robins are back and the Sandhill cranes are standing on snow The 2nd annual Chili Feed is Saturday, April 12th from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. It’s open to the public and all who would like to show off their chili-making skills. Stop by and sign up at the Legion. The sign up poster is on the news board. I saw some great varieties so far! We will take care of all the crock pots brought in. ...Read More

March 2014

Hello S.A.L. Members, The S.A.L. would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family of Greg Simonis. Greg was always a great help to me and the S.A.L. He will be missed greatly by everyone in our organization. The S.A.L. would like to thank everyone for taking care of their dues. We are well over 100% again this year. Great job guys! Last month’s meeting was cancelled due to cold weather. No one has stepped up to organiz...Read More

February 2014

Hello S.A.L. Members, The S.A.L. membership looks very good. We have about 6 people left to pay their dues for our 100 percent goal. Thanks to all who have taken care of their duty to date. Thanks to all Legion, Auxiliary and S.A.L. members who attended the S.A.L. Christmas party. I thought the table we set was excellent and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all who helped create this event. Next year, it’s possible the Chris...Read More

January 2014

Hey S.A.L. Members, It’s time for another newsletter. I met Sharon at Pick N Save Tuesday and asked her when it was due and she said Wednesday! Wow, that’s tomorrow! Well, there’s not much to report. We hope everyone enjoyed the S.A.L. Christmas party. We had lots of good food for everyone and hospitality too! We have nothing planned for the near future, so I hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday Season! We would also like t...Read More

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