March 2016

Hello All!! I hope everyone is getting through our Wisconsin winter with little or no problems. Our attendance at our monthly meetings is still low. We also need someone to take over our chaplain duties. Again, we thank Sonny Stout for his service. Just a reminder that our Chili Cook Off is March 6, 2016. If you are interested in bringing your favorite chili or soup, please sign up at the legion. The S.A.L. provides gilled cheese sandwiches,...Read More

August 2015

Hello All!! Let me start by saying I am very honored and proud to be your commander again. I would also like to thank our past commander, Don Egner and all the past officers for the years of duty and commitment to our squadron. I would also like to welcome all of our new officers and look forward to Working with each of you. It was great to see such a nice turnout by the S.A.L. on the 4th of July to help raise and lower the flags. Many ...Read More

July 2015

Hello SAL Members, Thanks to all of you that made it possible to obtain our 100% membership and a successful year of fundraising! I’d also like to thank all SAL members for the great support over the last 4 consecutive years I’ve served as your Commander. I will support Rick Schneider as our new Commander, along with the other new officers in the year ahead. The new officers are: Rick Schneider – Commander Don Egner – 1st Vice J...Read More

June 2015

Hello SAL Members, At last month’s meeting, we held nominations for all of our officer positions. There will be another opportunity to nominate someone at the start of our June meeting. After that, we will vote for our new officers. Please be present at the June 3rd meeting at 6:30 for the final voting. The installation of officers will be June 26th at 7 p.m. It is time for my term as your Commander to come to an end. I’ve enjoye...Read More

May 2015

Hello SAL Members, Our next meeting on May 6 at 6:30 sharp will be a very important one. We will nominate anyone who would like to be an S.A.L. officer. We need good attendance at this meeting to fill the positions that will be vacated. We will also vote on the number of years to serve from 2 to 1 year for each officer. The June meeting will be another chance to nominate someone at the start of the meeting. At the end of the meeti...Read More

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