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February 2010 American Legion can help returnees, From the Rental Guy, A Fun Fact for Each State
January 2010 A Lesson Taught, Spirit of America
December 2009 Stephen A. Foye Scholarship Trust and Application
November 2009 Secret to Happiness, Difference Between H1N1 Flu Symptoms
October 2009 World War II Author To Discuss 32nd Division at Library, Greetings from Diane
September 2009 PUFL Update, Kids who survived the decades, Chicken BarBQ, Sal Dinner
August 2009 New Commander, Chicken Bar BQ
July 2009 Membership Dues News, Politicians, Kernels of Wisdom
June 2009 Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Drafting Guys Over 60, Flag Etiquette Program
May 2009 To All Service Members, Ed Freeman... A True Hero, History of Memorial Day
April 2009 American Legion Strongly Opposed to President’s Plan for Heroes
March 2009 Legion Annual Golf Outing, Little Known History, Fallen Warrior Project Needs Funds
February 2009 Disability Compensation from the VA, Auxiliary Breakfast Party, Did You Know . . .
January 2009 Lock Your Car by Hand, Grandchildrens' Comments, Three Presidents
December 2008 The Sack Lunches, Pumping Gas, A Christmas Story, A Christmas Poem
November 2008 Love Story, Why Women Should Vote, a Case For Non-Partisan Thinking
October 2008 SAL Rib and Shrimp Dinner, Your Cell Phone, Thoughts from Across the Pond
September 2008 Chicken BarBQ, Ladies' Auxiliary Breakfast
August 2008 New Commander, Whom do we Thank, The Truth About Gas
July 2008 Golf Outings, Scams, Mosquito Control

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