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November 2011 Finance Findings, Education Week, Thanksgiving Day
October 2011 Flag Etiquette Program, Finance Findings, Wayne Horner Memorial Stand Down
September 2011 Auxiliary Breakfast, Operation TD, Chicken BarBQ
August 2011 Introduction to the New Officers, Dane County Stand Down, Blood Donor Program
July 2011 Annual Building Fund Raffle
June 2011 Insights, That Red White and Blue, SAL Pig Roast
May 2011 Commander's Corner, Ladies' Auxiliary, SAL, Memoria Day Celebration
April 2011 Transportation to VA Medical Appointment, Memorial Day Parade Activities, and Dinner
February 2011 The Letter, Membership Dues
January 2011 Insights By The Chaplain, You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop
December 2010 Post Notes, Merry Christmas
November 2010 Post Notes, Thanksgiving
October 2010 Post Notes, Halloween
September 2010 Post Notes
August 2010 New Recruitement Brochure, Dues News
July 2010 Universal Truths, Minding Your P’s and Q’s, Legion Benefit Raffle, SAL Pig Roast
June 2010 Congratulations to Commander Douglas E. Gehrke, Ladies Auxilary Breakfast
May 2010 Legion Baseball Schedule, Memorial Day Celebration Events
April 2010 Retirement Planner, Memorial Day Parade, The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
March 2010 The Power of a Badge, Third District Spring Conference, He nailed this one right

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  • September 21 - 07:00 PM
    Executive Meeting
  • September 18 - 08:00 AM
    Auxiliary Breakfast
  • September 07 - 06:30 PM
    S.A.L Meeting
  • September 02 - 07:00 PM
    Legion Meeting