October 2011

Keep those dues coming in!!! As of September 13th, Post 534 has received 168 paid up members. This is 60% of our membership goal of 285. The post has received several transfers and new members. Upon meeting our State Commander, Denise, at the state facility on September 10th, I was presented with two new applications to our post. Thank you, Denise!! If our state commander can recruit, so can we, as Post 534 members. So, let’s “beat the bushes” a...Read More

August 2011

Fellow Legionnaires and Post 534 members: Thank You!!! The response to the 2012 membership dues has been great. Please submit your Post dues as quickly as possible. Any Post member who knows of anyone (qualified military) that is not a member, let’s get them activated to our Post. Virgil Houff is a new Post 534 member having transferred from Post 2930. Welcome, Virgil, to 534. Come on “Early Birds”, get your dues in!!! Thanks, John Guler, 1st Vi...Read More

June 2011

Beginning in July, we will be starting our membership drive for 2012. For those of you who haven’t paid your 2011 dues, you have just a short time left to do so. Your membership is very important to the American Legion, but more particularly to Post 534 and the community we serve. WE NEED ALL OF YOU!!! John Guler, 1st Vice Commander - Membership Chairman

May 2011

his is getting close to the last membership roundup. Those of you who haven’t paid your 2011 dues have just a short time left to do so. Your membership is very important to the American Legion, more so to your local post and its activities. Please read about the activities going on at the National level that will have a big impact on veterans’ benefits. VA care for approximately 1.3 million veterans is or could be eliminated. If any of you don’t...Read More

April 2011

Presently, I’m attempting to get all late paying members contacted and paid up for 2011. We are at 86% paid up members. Let’s reach 100%!!! All veteran members should be aware that transportation to VA medical appointments is available. Those in need of transportation may contact WI Dept. of Disabled American Veterans and County Veterans Service Office. Vans are available to transport veterans. Contacts may be made by phoning the VA Hospital (...Read More

February 2011

To All Legion Comrades: 2010 was here and gone. Welcome 2011 and hope it brings a prosperous, healthy New Year to everyone. Post 534 is presently at 82% paid up members. We need the renewal membership of those who haven’t yet paid their 2011 dues. Let’s have those unpaid 18% get in step with the paid up members. Your paid up dues help maintain Legion programs and benefit Post 534 in maintaining the Post Newsletter and activities. Skip Lewi...Read More

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