December 2013

Well! We’re getting close to the Holidays. We want to thank the members who have paid their 2014 membership dues. We were hoping our Post would have received more paid members so we can help more veterans and community programs for the holidays (So members, be helpful!!). We received an updated membership roster from National Headquarters with address transfers and deceased changes. Remember, our Post cannot help you unless we’re notifi...Read More

November 2013

Hi! National Headquarters sent out the second dues notice in October. Some of you sent your dues in right before the cut-off and your dues didn’t reach headquarters in time. If you have paid and have your 2014 Membership Card, kindly file the notice in #13. For the Snowbirds, make sure we have your temporary address so we can send monthly newsletters. If your address has changed and you want your American Legion Magazine, you have to ma...Read More

September 2013

Howdy! First of all, T-T-T-Thank you to the members who have paid their 2014 Membership Dues! Right now we are at over 72% and hopefully, more to come. Remember, the national headquarter dates are from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. The cut-off date for the first round of membership notices is around September 8th. National Headquarters will be sending out the second P.I.A. notices on October 1st. So if you receive another notice and y...Read More

November 2012

Membership registration is growing! Currently, we are over 63%. Please renew your 2013 membership as soon as possible. It won’t be long and the Holidays will be upon us. Remember, Post November, 2012 534 will sponsor and provide to numerous programs serving the McFarland and Dane County areas. Our Post 534 is a very giving and service orientated Post. Members of Post 534 participate and stay active serving fellow veterans and community....Read More

September 2012

Keep those membership dues coming in!! Early Bird status ends September 1st. Post 534 welcomes several transfers along with new members. They are as follows: 1. Richard Rebel Breyman 2. Glen T. Anderson 3. Keith Becker 4. Morino Verdico (Sgt. At Arms) Welcome to Post 534! Our monthly meeting is the first Friday of the month, starting at 7:00 p.m. All members should help out and partake of the post’s chicken BBQ coming up. It’s a good t...Read More

August 2012

Yes, it’s that time!!! 2013 membership notices are being sent out. Now Listen Up!! Please don’t send in membership dues if you have a card marked 2013. Some of you have a knack for paying your dues twice within a year. Just look at your membership card. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check with your wife or significant other to see if they paid dues for 2013. Anyway, thanks for your support. Legion Post 534 has kept our dues at $30.00 per year, o...Read More

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