May 2008

The Spring fever is beginning to hit everybody. The last few days have been really nice. Well, to start out in May, I goofed last month in the newsletter - the notmination of officers is in the month of May. So it will be on the 2nd of May. I will not be running for Commander this year. I'm going to take a break after two years, but I will still help out around here and try to bring up new ideas. I hope the members will step up and take over and...Read More

April 2008

Let's see what is on the agenda for April. Our monthly meeting is on Friday April 4th at 7pm. This is the month for Nomination of Officers, so make sure to attend and make your voice heard. In March we had the Nation American Legion Birthday Party. We had a good turn out with lots of good food. I want to thank my wife Lay, and Betty Peters for cooking the turkeys. I'd also like to thank everyone who helped in the kitchen and brought in some...Read More

March 2008

It's time to start thinking Spring, if you can beleive it. Not too many weeks of Winter left. Start getting your lawn mowers ready to go. To start out, I want to welcome our new Bar Manager - Sonny Stout. He is new at it, so we are going to have a learning period. So bear with us. If you have any helpful hints, we would welcome them. I want to thank Sandy Haugen for all the years and hours she has put in behind the bar. She has done a lot for t...Read More

February 2008

What we need now is a January thaw in February. I know they're reporting that we're coming close to the record for the most amount of snowfall in recorded history, but who wants to try an beat that record? I think we could all use a break! I'm planting the seed now for new officer nominations. THE MONTH OF MAY is when new officer nominations will be accepted. If you're interested, talk to people and let them know you're interested. We need ...Read More

January 2008

I hope everybody had a nice Christmas and got everything you ordered on your Santa's list. I hope everybody didn't eat as much as me; I don't even want to look at the scales. This newsletter won't be out in time, but I hope eveyone had a Happy New Year. I'm hoping there is some way all this snow figures out how to go South with the snowbirds. I'm getting tired of all this shoveling. Let's get on with 2008. I and all the members that came down to...Read More

December 2007

Well, we're coming to the end of 2007. The year went by really quickly. I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year welcoming 2008. To let the membership know what their dues and fundraising money is for, I am trying to keep our updated every quarter. We donated $100 to the Wisconsin Naval Ship Association for bringing the USS Edson Navy Destroyer to Sheboygan for a museum for people to tour; $100 to McFarland High School for...Read More

November 2007

Well, how much longer are we going to have this terrific weather? I hope it will be for quite a while. For the month of November, our Legion post will be pretty busy. We have our monthly meeting on the 2nd. And, on the 3rd, we will be celebrating the fact that this post started 60 years ago. The First Vice (Gordy Nelson) has been working tirelessy putting on one of the best Birthday Parties we've had. There will dignitaries fom all over. As we...Read More

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