May 2010

Hey my wonderful Legion Family, my prayers are with each and everyone of you. This is a sad time for my family. We have several people who hold a very warm spot in our heart that are not doing so well from a health perspective. Our prayers are with them and they are in God’s hands. Remember those who have gone on before us. They blazed the way for this great Post and its traditions. The existence of our Post rests in the hands of our memb...Read More

April 2010

Wow, we are getting close to Palm Sunday and Easter. We attended Mass and each Sunday we were treated to a new visiting pastor. They all offered different styles and perspectives. The most interesting was a missionary from Jamaica. He really was a good speaker, but his message was on target. For one hundred dollars, a family of four (4) can eat for one year. A home can be built for $2500.00. We viewed the news with sadness, as Juarez is still un...Read More

March 2010

Wednesday, February 16th starts our Holy Lenten Season. Please participate within the framework of your Faith. Nancy, Doodles and I will get our ashes, vote and then leave for Omaha Nebraska to see our Grandson. It will be the first stop on our way to Sun City. We attend services at a small Catholic Church we discovered last year. This is really such a great time for our family and lets us unwind, contemplate and hopefully make me a much better ...Read More

February 2010

My dear brothers and sisters in faith; we are about to start another Lenten Season. We never know when it will be our last time to repent for things we were not proud of doing. While you have the opportunity, take the time to address your short comings to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the message that all Christians should look forward to. If you are not a Christian, it is still time to follow your Faith Followings. We have such ...Read More

January 2010

Ho, ho, ho, it is time for 2009 to go. May 2010 be your best year ever. Make this the year you get done what you planned to do and then some. Make this the year you put more time aside for prayer and praise of our Lord and Savior. Let this be the year that you truly do rest on the 7th day and reflect on what your spiritual goals are. Because we are a Christian Nation, let’s reach out to those around us that have more needs than ours. Remember th...Read More

December 2009

If any of you missed the Veterans breakfast at the High School, you missed a great meal, but of more importance, a chance to share with the great students and faculty who provided us with the opportunity. The Veterans Day Program at Waubesa Intermediate School was absolutely awesome. It is very important for us to be there as we, and those who came before us, are the reason this event takes place. Let us show our respect and thanks for the ti...Read More

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