May 2012

Summer and vacations are in a lot of plans this month, along with graduations and all other life changing events. This past month, the birthdays included Clark Justesen (90th) and Les Brennen (29th?) May 13th is Mother’s Day, May 19th is Armed Forces Day (fly the flag) and May 28th is Memorial Day (observed) and other special events along with the opening of fishing season.

April 2012

Think we’re going to have a long summer ahead of us. I also have plans done for the smoking place. Easter is just around the corner. Spring is a time for life to start fresh again. We had Ronald Engle pass on this month. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family. Patrick Fisher had two operations this month, one on his shoulder and one on his knee. Some of us had a great chance to speak to the high school history classes. They had a lot o...Read More

March 2012

Well, another month and we all move forward. We send our condolences to the families of Bill Engel, Stuart Hardtke and Betty Peters on their loss. We send fast recovery and prayers to Ray Van Kylen and all those that are not up to 100%. With Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays in February and the upcoming election, we pause to reflect the leadership of our country and thoughts of moving ahead. SPRING IS ALSO JUST AROUND THE COURNER. So remember t...Read More

February 2012

Well, 2012 is here and a new year is upon us. February brings thoughts of spring and Valentine’s Day. We also send our thoughts to those who have lost loved ones, such as Daryl Krenz’ brother and Betty Peters’ mother. Also, we send our thoughts to those that are not up to 100% on feeling great. With the weather soon to get warmer and spring bringing everything to life again, we wish everyone well and a better year than last. I’m keeping it a sho...Read More

January 2012

The New Year, 2012, is just around the corner. Let us welcome this New Year with a fresh start. Make a list of goals you want to achieve by the end of the year. Resolutions are usually broken by the end of January, so forget that!!! Here’s a guide that would help you make your own list of goals. Try it! It’s logical and it’s a good start: 1. Clear Debts and Save Money! 2. Lose weight and stay fit. 3. Learn to let go of the past. 4. Spend mo...Read More

December 2011

Well the Holidays are here and the cold weather also. I like this time of year as it gives us a chance to be with our family and friends. Like a review of the past year and getting caught up on the past year. Remember to try doing something different and good for someone or group that you didn’t do this year. Well on my mistake, I am not hurt and I will do better. This month, we had two members pass on, Dick Nelson and Lenny Thompson. We send ou...Read More

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