November 2012

Fall is here along with a lot more activities (indoors). Bingo starts and the holidays and a new year soon will be upon us. I want to acknowledge John Guler’s mom, him and his family. I want to wish a speedy recovery to those who are sick or Page 2 not up to 100% health. I am doing fine after my back surgery and also will be going through treatment for prostate cancer soon. Thanks to all for their calls and best wishes. Now, remember n...Read More

October 2012

We want to wish Linda Coon and her family our condolences for the loss of her daughter, Julie. I also want to wish everyone well that is not up to their best. I will be having back surgery on the 11th of October, but I will return as soon as I am able. This month there are two things to celebrate. The first is observance of Columbus Day and the next is Navy Day. Many nations around the world celebrate their navy with a special day dedicate...Read More

September 2012

Well September is upon us as we start the school year and get ready for a beautiful fall with football, craft fairs, hunting and end of year shopping for the holidays. Together with that thought, September 18, 2012, is the 65th Birthday of the Air Force. As we celebrate the establishment of the United States Air Force as a separate service, we are reminded of our proud heritage and we are inspired toward a promising future. On this day, we ho...Read More

August 2012

Well now that we are into the “hot” month of August, He! He! He! Let’s think cool weather. Also thanks for the rain….. We send our prayers to the family of Gordon Brandt and to Ron Walsvick on the loss of his wife. I want to give a big Thank You to Gregg Simonis, Russ Jenkins and Tom Downs for their generosity in helping me this month. A big Congratulations to all our new officers for their taking another year in office and the new peopl...Read More

July 2012

Well it’s July and another year as your Chaplain. I am proud to help at the legion and always love to meet the members I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before. The 4th of July is a very celebrated day in America, especially as so many have served protecting our country. On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and Democracy was born. Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the “land of the free and the home ...Read More

June 2012

Well summer is here!! June is a great month as kids get off school for summer vacation and Father’s Day is the 17th. Flag Day is June 14th, so remember to fly your flag. Linda Coon’s brother passed away in May and we send our prayers and thoughts to her and her family. The 237th United States Army Birthday June 14, 2012 Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, our Nation’s leaders established the Continental Army, beginning a rich heritage ...Read More

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