February 2014

A new year and the first month is going fast. We send our thoughts and prayers to those that are ill. We send our hopes that all will have a fast recovery and be well soon. The 20th of January is Reverand Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Celebrating his day reminds us to be vigil about prayer for peace and justice. Also, remember that two of our best known presidents, Washington and Lincoln, have their birthdays in February. We thank ...Read More

January 2014

Another year has gone by. I hope that every family is having a great holiday season. We have lost another member in Bert Pullar. We all wish his family our heartfelt blessings. There are several members on the sick call list that we all hope will be well for the holiday season. It has come to my attention that my phone number is not on the sick call list. Please put it in your records in case you need to get in touch with me. It ...Read More

December 2013

Here it is November and soon it will be December. Our thoughts reflect Veterans Day, politics, jobs, cost of living and a number of other situations that are part of our life today. Veterans Day reminds us of all the wars that we have been involved in. World War IWorld War II Korean War Vietnam War Afghanistan War Iraq War War in north-west Pakistan War in Somalia These are only the major conflicts as there are a great numbe...Read More

November 2013

Here I am sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window at the magnificant color that God has given us to enjoy. When you think about it, we have a wonderful place that has been given us to live. Just think of all the time that has been spent by our membership taking care of our home here at the Legion. Each spring, we clean up the yard, touch up the building and do what is necessary to make what God has given us as beautiful...Read More

October 2013

Now is the time for everyone to be thinking about keeping all the bugs and animals out of our houses. The following was provided by Popular Mechanics. I hope you will find it interesting and useful. When it gets cold outside, bugs, rodents and other pests want to get inside. We asked the experts for their best tips about keeping pests out – and what to do if they get past your defenses. As the temperature drops, we cozy up inside our nic...Read More

September 2013

Hello all!A new year and our officers are now in place. I hope that they all have a good year and everything goes well for all. I am finding some of the responsibilities I now have as Chaplain are very interesting. I hope I do a good job for everyone. Now that we have gotten over the high water everywhere, I hope that the mosquitoes will not be too severe. Wear loose fitting clothes with long legs and shirt sleeves. You may be able to ke...Read More

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