October 2008

I sometimes walk a fine line on being both your Chaplain as well as one of your entertaining bartenders. I do relish the opportunity to serve you in both capacities. As your Chaplain, I serve you on an official basis at Funerals, Pass and Reviews, personal illness and personal problems. As your bartender, I serve you refreshments, listen to your needs, laugh at your jokes, share your stories but most of all, it is the ability to serve you that m...Read More

September 2008

Do you know that to sing a prayer is to pray twice? That a picture is worth a thousand words? That lighting one candle is better than to sit, stand or lay in the darkness? That by helping someone else is the best way to absolve yourself from self-pity? That the greatest gift for a person to do is to lay down one’s life for the gift of life of another? How many times have we heard these words and yet they have had no meaning to us? We liv...Read More

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Dale Sankey

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