April 2009

This is the season of Lent, a time for looking at forgiving and being forgiven. I want to take this time to offer the family of J.J. Johnson our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of his son, Chessie on 3-22-09. I especially offer our help for Margaret Johnson who lost a son and grandson so close together. This is a sad season, but more so when you suffer losses so close and personal. Take the time to extend your choice of kindness to those membe...Read More

March 2009

Well, my dear friends and children of God, March is upon us. It is that time of the year that our Lord and Savior renews His promise. We will soon see the cold bleak stark countryside rebound with sunny days and warm, enjoyable weather. As the snow recedes, green grass will abound with new signs of life. The trees will shed their final leafy remains and start the process of new buds for new growth. The days are getting longer and the voices of s...Read More

February 2009

I really like the weather we are having. I think the bad weather makes all us get closer and talk to each other. Families tend to make more contact when they are not rushing here and there. I really believe that a family that prays together stays together. God really does not ask for much. Our Christian faith is so simple and yet so very hard. All you have to do is believe and act accordingly. Jesus asked us to Love Him and love each other as we...Read More

January 2009

I say God bless you and your family, and with His help and blessings, may 2009 be the best year of all of your lives. As I sit quietly on the couch with the lights off, I watch the lights we put on our deck dazzle and glow like so many fireflies. The Christmas tree is alive and floods my memory with so many treasured moments. My wife decorates our home with a sly day-by-day approach that catches me off guard and forces me to think of whe...Read More

December 2008

We are approaching one of the greatest times in Christian seasons. This is the Christmas season. It is the time celebrated and revisited year after year and century after century. This is the time we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is time for all Christians to make room for the Christ Child that was afforded none at the time of His real birth. We celebrate this season in a variety of ways. Some Christians vi...Read More

November 2008

Well my fine, friendly fellow readers of the articles I write, I hope you all will like what is about to be presented to you. There are two things that Wisconsin is known for in the month of November. These two items are THANKSGIVING and DEER SEASON. Thanksgiving allows us to reflect on the bountiful gifts our Creator has heaped on us and the gun deer season allows for us to tell all of the great hunting stories that resulted from our en...Read More

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