November 2009

May God’s infinite wisdom permeate your thought process. May His mercy and blessings be with each and every one of you. May the humility He showed, teach us how to act and respond to our every day tasks. Remember that to be a great leader, you must be a great servant. It is only when we serve others that we can lose our selfish instincts. When you serve your Thanksgiving diner this season, praise and offer it up to our Almighty Father. Remember ...Read More

October 2009

This was a sad month for this humble Chaplain, I lost a great friend who I really only got to know well over the last two years. His bride Donna is a true warrior. What a great find for JJ. I also must acknowledge his mother, Margaret. To lose two sons and a grandson in one year is more than most of us could handle in a lifetime. Margaret had to endure this in less than one year. Margaret, we pray for you and the souls of Mike, Chessie and J.J. ...Read More

August 2009

May Jesus Christ be always in your lives and influence the decisions you have to make on a daily basis. When I attended mass last Sunday, The Parish Priest at St. Matthews in Campbellsport hit the nail on the head. We should not only be Sunday Christians, but practice our faith on a daily basis. How often do you see someone with his or her head bowed in prayer but knocks you over on their way out of church and says nothing? Maybe you have also...Read More

July 2009

As I drove back from the lake to put my newsletter report together, I thought about what we are all about, and how God works in our lives each and every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. He is always at our beck and call being only a prayer thought away. I thought how lucky we are to have a friend who will never let us down. He never gives up on us and is there whenever we need Him. One of my favorite poems is “FOOTSTEPS.” So ...Read More

June 2009

Your Chaplain wants to remind each and every one of you how important Memorial Day is. This is a very special day to honor those who served and gave us everything they had. Remember “JOHN, 3:16, “that God so loved the world that he gave His June, 2009 only begotten Son.” We have had a lot of families that can also be mentioned. They so loved their country that they gave their only son or daughter. Please remember the men and women who have ...Read More

May 2009

Well, spring has sprung. The grass is green. We wonder when the flowers will be seen. As you attended Easter Services, did you notice how beautiful your place of worship was decorated? Where do these individuals who perform these duties come up with all of these great ideas for all of us to witness? Truly, God is present among His people. I often wonder what our church services would be like if these individuals were not around to perform these ...Read More

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