August 2016

Be ready, God wants to do something great in your life. Get your passion back. You have everything you need, against all odds, you will win. Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back. Your best days are ahead. Stand strong. You can talk yourself out of your dreams; you can also talk yourself into your dreams. With God, all things are possible. You do not have to be afraid of whatever comes up for you to do. Maybe you are not askin...Read More

July 2016

Celebrate July 4th! Happy Birthday United States, the only country with a known birthday. “My God, how little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy.” Thomas Jefferson “We on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their ploughs but to secure liberty for their souls.” Robert J. McCracken Each Legionnaire...Read More

June 2016

Mark your calendar: June 19 is Father’s Day. Please make a special effort to celebrate to the fullest. ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS! June 24 is installation of new officers for the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion and the Ladies Auxiliary. If you attend only one meeting a year, make it for this one to show support for the beginning of a new year. Flag Day is on the 14th. Remember to fly your flag. At the entrance to the Legi...Read More

May 2016

Mark your calendar: May 8 is Mother’s Day. Cards and flowers are nice, phone calls are better; but the best is to spend time with your mom or your children’s mom. May 21 is Armed Forces Day. We all should fly our flags. May 30 is Memorial Day. I hope to see ALL members at the post for the ceremony to pay respect to the men and women who have died that have served their country. (Choose to see the world through grateful eyes. It will never look t...Read More

April 2016

Mark your calendar: April 9 is National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day. Take a moment and say a prayer. We will never forget them. There are countless stories of American prisoners experiencing extreme conditions and many have made the ultimate sacrifice. April 1-7 is Golden Rule Week, generally defined as treating others as you would like to be treated. To treat others well, you must believe in yourself. If you put a smal...Read More

March 2016

Happy 97th Birthday, American Legion! On March 15, 1919, the first Legion caucus held by members of the American Expeditionary Force convened in Paris, France. Easter, March 27, the most important Christian holiday of the year, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The week proceeding Easter is called Holy Week and includes Maundy Thursday which commemorates Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, Good Friday which honors ...Read More

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