Welcome to a beautiful spring and summer. We had a great turn out for the parade and the program on Memorial Day. We were a little short of help to put the flags up and take them down, but we survived. Thanks again to the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for their help folding the flags. I believe we had thirty nine units in the parade and a huge crowd of spectators. Thanks to Bill Bley, Ron Hillson, Dale Sankey and the rest of the crew that helped with line up. Last Sunday, we hosted the take a Vet Fishing for the fifth year and what a success it was. If you haven’t been to one of their programs, take time next year and attend by volunteering, being a guide or just going out to fish. The program after the fishing is a real tear jerker. We had boats from Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin to take the vets fishing on Lake Waubesa. Co-founders, Jay Garseky and our own Rob Blanchar and other members of their board set this up. As you probably know, I am not running for commander this year. I have had the honor to be your commander for the past five years. Bob O’Donnell will be our next commander and he will do a great job. Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will see the new list of officers. I want to thank everyone for all the support I have gotten from the membership, the Executive Board and my wife, Karen during my tenure. I ask that you give the same support to the next core of officers as you have me. I have been a member here for thirty three years, so I’m not going anywhere soon. This is my second home (although Karen thinks it’s my first home). Thanks, again, it has been my pleasure. Commander Mike


Post Commander

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